So we will battle dragons

Last week’s training was hard. Really hard. All of my Pokémon gave their best and showed me that they are ready for any fight that will come. They made me really happy and proud. Now we’re in Opelucid City and the gym fight will soon start. But didn’t I say I wanted to wait with the fight? Well, everything came different…

We were having a little training-fight on Route 9, my Sib was fighting against Faz. Surprisingly, their strength was nearly equal. Faz of course it weak against ice attacks as a flying-type Pokémon but even the fact that it evolved into a Unfezant couldn’t bring it the upper hand over Sib.
What I didn’t know, we were being observed by one of the referee of the local gym. Once we finished the battle, the girl named Eileen came to us and asked if we’re training for the gym fight in Opelucid City. I answered that I didn’t know if it will be enough against dragons but we will fight there for sure. Before I knew it she pulled out a notebook and tossed me a piece of paper with a date written on it. She told me that I shall be in the gym at that day and time for the fight. She’ll surely love to watch me fight against her master.

I didn’t even have the chance to say something to her. Once I looked up from the paper she had already vanished. The fight I actually feared a little was now set to take part in a few days. I looked at my team again and finally spoke out what I was afraid about for so long already. That I am not sure if we were ready for that gym fight against a dragon gym leader.
My team and mostly Torny understood my doubts. Torny already did face a dragon type leader back in Johto. Clair from Blackthorn City. That was the hardest gym leader fight we had so far. Her Dragonite and Torny put up a fight with such an intensity that the roof of the gym cracked open. Torny could then get an extra power boost thanks to the bright sun that could shine through the hole. We don’t intend to damage another gym like we did back then..

I asked my team if they think they’re ready for the fight. I said that I will leave the decision to them. Torny as kinda the “leader” of my team looked around and collected one nod after another from every member of my team. And to show that Torny was hot for the the fight itself it shot a Fireball into the sky. I didn’t even know that Torny mastered Sunny Day~

It was clear.

We will fight Drayden, the gym leader of  Opelucid City.

And we are going to win.

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