Battle against Dragons – DRAW

Maybe you followed the fight on my twitter account. Today we had the battle against Drayden, the gym leader of Opelucid City. It was a hard fight. We gave our very best and I am really amazed about the strength of my Pokémon. There’s nothing that went wrong, really. But in the end we had a draw! That’s really rare but it can happen.
How? I’ll tell you. And also what will happen now after the fight..

We had a normal 3 vs. 3 fight.
Drayden’s first Pokémon he sent in was a Druddigon, I called my Cubchoo Sib to fight against it. Ice is strong against dragon, plus Sib had the advantage of being so small that Druddigon had trouble to hit it back! The fight took a while and Sib nearly could defeat  Druddigon – maybe even had. But Drayden let Druddigon attack with Outrage. Using that attack let Druddigon go wild and attack in all directions. Sib got hit by one of these attacks and defeated. However one attack went back to Druddigon and knocked it out too.
Next I had to send in the Pokémon first because mine was knocked out before Drayden’s. I called Dewott and did choose the right one because Drayden sent in a Flygon! Again type advantages! I was kinda surprised to see a Hoenn Pokémon in Unova!
The battle was fast and hard. Dragons are always tough. But Dewott had no trouble to keep the pace and even surpassed it from time to time which could let it keep the upper hand over the fight. And the added help of the type advantage let Dewott win.
Drayden’s last Pokémon was a Haxorus. The first impression was already too much for Dewott and it got knocked out pretty fast. Well, it was also already beaten up from the fight against Flygon.
There was just one Pokémon in my team that could win against that dragon, Torny. And Torny was as strong as  Haxorus. They were even. But even is not enough. In the middle of the fight, Haxorus poisoned Torny with a Toxic attack. Because the fight took so long, the poison had a lot of time to drain power from Torny. But Torny also drained power from Haxorus with the continuous attacks.
In the end it was Haxorus that got defeated by Torny! But just moments after, Torny passed out due to the poison.


There are not really official rules about how to handle a draw. It is at the discretion of the gym leader to give or not give the badge. In that case, Drayden wanted to give it to me. But I refused.
We did not win the fight and anything else than a win is a loss. We will keep on training and will challenge Drayden again. He accepted that and said that he’s looking forward to the day we would fight again.

So we didn’t get the badge. But my Pokémon are as strong as dragons which shows me that we will surpass them in the next fight!

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