Village Bridge Tournament

During the last few weeks, my Pokémon and I did take part in Village Bridge in the Village Bridge Tournament, an annually Pokémon Tournament for trainers from all regions! The fights start off the Village Bridge. Half of the participants on the west and the other half on the east side. The more fights you win, the closer to the center of the bridge will the battles be held until the final one will be right in the middle, winner of the east against the winner of the west side. I started at the west side.
The battles were three against three battles, yes, three Pokémon at once! That was quite a surprise and special for me. Normally I do one against one battles, seldom two vs. two. But I never did a three vs. three battle before.

Luckily I was not the only one who didn’t do it so far. Also my first opponent never had such a battle and you could tell right away, that he probably also never or rarely had a two vs. two fight. He was totally overextended to give all three Pokémon the right orders and keep looking for our attacks. My Pokémon and I are such a great team and understand each others moves so well that we had no trouble to find a good rhythm from the start. The first fight was over fast and we could advance on to bridge.

In the next days we always had one fight a day. Always three versus three. The more battles we had, the more used to it we got. I changed the Pokémon I sent into the fights always so our opponents wouldn’t know which three I send in.
The opponents sometimes had one really strong one in their team which lead the other two Pokémon. Well, same in my case with Torny which I used quite often.
Throughout the tournament I could see quite some new Pokémon I didn’t see before: Golurk, Gigalith, Simisear or Bisharp to name some. Also we could fight against another Scolipede and Sawsbuck, both really strong ones.

We managed to get into the semi-finals fairly easy. There we fought against a trainer from the Hoenn region who sent in a Hippowdon, a Torkoal and a Blaziken. He could win all his earlier fights with this combination. The two fire Pokémon could use any big fire attack they wanted. They wouldn’t hurt each other nor Hippowdon which naturally has a good defence against fire and which was also well trained against it as I found out with Torny.
It was my Dewott which took the lead in this fight. The other team was a little surprised because they thought that no other Pokémon except my Torny could take a leader role. But they don’t know my Pokémon ;D
Dewott’s accuracy, Torny’s power and Faz’s speed were the key for the victory over the hoenn trainer. We were happy that we could win but mostly I was happy that I could see such foreign Pokémon.

So we made it into the final round as the leader of the west side. On the east side won a mysterious trainer who was said to won a really strong ditto. His other two Pokémon were two Foongus which were not too strong and my Torny could beat them easily. When the fight started, the mysterious trainer sent out his two Foongus and right after his form-changing Pokémon which changed right away into a Typhlosion. Already then I noticed, something was odd about that one.. and I was right.
I also sent in Dewott which could keep the opponents form-changing Pokémon buys while Torny and Zap defeated each one of the Foongus. It was wise to let them both attack with fire-attacks from the distant because both Foongus had the ability to use Effect Spore to poison any opponent that would touch them. So that plan failed and it was three against one.
The form-changing Pokémon changed into a Zebstrika now to attack Dewott with thunder attacks but it underestimated my Zap and its speed. Ir could hit it during the transformation and sent it flying around. On landing on the ground, it showed its real face. It was no Ditto as everyone thought so far. I had heard of it being possible before but it was the first time I saw another Pokémon except Ditto using Transform. The enemy was a Zoroark.

It’s identity now uncovered, the mysterious trainer of the Pokémon also threw away his hooded-cape which did hide his face and underneath appeared a trainer, about my age, with long blue hair, in a tight black body suit on high heels and with a well accented and toned body.. a woman who called herself Yoko, defender of the dawn!
A murmur went through the crowd. I was not sure if it was because of her appearance, of her name or just because she was a woman and not a man. But I didn’t care too much about it at that moment, I wanted to keep the fight going and told her so. She probably wanted to scare me with her grinning smile revealing a sharpened pointy tooth just like her Zoroark owned them. But I grinned back at her and my Pokémon knew without my order that they also had to show no fear and used a synchronized Growl-attack. Zoroark backed down because of it for just a second. That was enough for my silent and fast Dewott to already get next to Zoroark and attack it with his Razor Shells. Again, Zoroark flew into the sky where Zap already waited to Slam it down. As soon as Zoroark hit the ground it got caught in Torny’s Flame Wheel.
At first we thought that was it and we had defeated it. But suddenly we saw that Zoroark stood up inside the Flame Wheel again and its eyes shined violet though the red flames. With a sudden blow the flames vaniched and Zoroark stood there win a dark purple afterglow of the Night Daze attack it just used. Slowly it walked towards my Pokémon but then out of the blue it disappeared! Two seconds later it stood next to Dewott and slashed it with its Night Slash attack.. and a moment later it was already next to Zap and punched it down with its Punishment move.
Just right in time I could give Torny the order to use SmokeScreen and hide in it. Dewott and Zap were defeated. I recalled them in hope for a few seconds of time to put a strategy together but I didn’t have them really. The SmokeScreen surly wouldn’t hold long. From my side I could see that Torny prepared itself already for a possible attack with Defense Curl. Zoroark seems to be a dark-type Pokémon so we need a fight-move to at least make some damage. I know that Torny doesn’t know such a move.. But our opponents wouldn’t know!
I hoped that Torny would understand my idea how to make Zoroark shrink back. I ordered Torny to use Focus Blast with a kinda loud voice and confidence. It took Torny a few moments to get my idea. I calculated that in too, kinda as the time it needed for the focus. I saw in Yokos face that she was not prepared for that because her ginning disappeared. Then I noticed that her head turned slightly to the left! Our only chance! I immediately screamed at Torny to use Inferno to its left side now! Without delay Torny released the fire and a loud howl from the direction the wall of fire rushed reached our ears.
The smoke finally vanished and we could see a heavily breathing and pretty bad shaped Zoroark appearing where the Inferno landed. I lifted up my arm and wanted to give Torny the command for the last attack to finish the fight off when Yoko called our two names and asked us with tears in her eyes to stop.

We stayed alert but I took my arm down again and saw Zoroark dragging itself to Yoko. She was crying but it weren’t tears of sadness. She smiled and looked happy. So did Zoroark even though it was pretty injured. Why you may ask? Well, I’ll tell you guys later ;D
At least I can tell you that the fight was done and we won the tournament! We got a little prize money and a trophy, also we are invited to start right on the bridge next year again ^^/ I told them already, that we’ll try to be there in case we’re still in the region.

Our way will now leady us even more east to Lacunosa Town. Let’s see what for adventures will await us on our ways!
And why did Yoko and Zoroark smile? ;D

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