At home

You might be wondering where I am right now. To make it easier to follow my journey, I’ll add a tracker somewhere somehow. Still figuring out how this website works…
As for now I’m back home in Ecruteak City in Johto preparing for my next journey. It probably will be a short one as later this year I’ll be heading out to the new pokémon league in the Galar region that only recently opened its doors. This time I am definitely aiming for the top spot!

So while I’m back home I am working on setting up this new journal as well as visiting some old friends here and help with some work in the local gym.

Also one of my cousins called and was asking some queer questions about newly discovered Pokémon and if I might have seen them already. Maybe I should go and pay him a visit as he sometimes gets lost in the wild with his studies. But that means I’ll also have to find out where he actually is right now which might be difficult as he’s constantly on the move.

So yea, lots of things to prepare right now. But you’ll soon probably hear where the next trip will lead Torny and me to!

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