Trying to find my cousin

The last few days I managed to transfer all posts I had from my old blogs to this one. Sadly all the posts from my travels to the Kalos and Alola regions have somehow disappeared. Hopefully I manage to get them back one day but for now I did do enough work on setting up this website and want to move on.

As mentioned in my previous post, I did visit some friends here and helped out at the local gym. Some of my new ghost Pokémon like my Trevenant and my Klefki were happily taken in to help train new and old trainers because of their unique type combinations that are foreign to us here in Johto. They will be taken care of very well while I’m on the look out for my cousin.

He is a Pokémon Professor who’s always on the road and more the “hands on type” of professor similar to professor Kukui from Alola.
My cousin did contact me a few days ago again and asked now directly if I could help him out with some research about a recently discovered Pokémon. Some Ditto apparently did mimic these new Pokémon and that’s how it became known to us. Yet we still have to actually find one. The only thing he sent me was this very weird picture he apparently got from Professor Oak who’s also involved into the research:

So basically he asked me to go and find either this Pokémon directly (if I’m lucky) or another Ditto who’s transforming into that. Apparently he’s also in Johto right now so we might be able to meet up… In case he finds a route sign.. Or has signal on his cellphone again.

Well I for one will start travelling south to Goldenrod City. There are constantly many trainers at the Global Terminal and one of them might has seen something. It’s worth to give it a shot!
I ain’t got a car as you may know (and also don’t like driving…) so I will just journey down by foot as I’m used to. It won’t take too many days to get there I think. Tomorrow’s Monday so I’m probably in the city sometime next weekend if I take it easy.

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