Grand Trial against Kahuna Hala

Kahuna Hala didn’t hold back at all during our battle. His Crabominable and his Hariyama were worthy opponents against Torny, my Typhlosion. I guess, the fact that I only list one Pokémon here should tell you enough tho about the outcome. Yet let me give a bit more detail.

Referee Olivia, the Kahuna of Akala Island, declared our battle to begin and both, Hala and I didn’t waist a second to order our first moves. Torny and Crabominable clashed hard and instantly Crabominable was knocked out. Torny sure was serious to win this.

Hariyama was a bit a bigger obstacle to overcome. Not only was Hariyama strong but surprisingly quick!
After a few swift attacks from each other, Hala’s Z-Move “All-Out Pummelling” took Torny and me by surprise and hit hard. I wanted to sub Torny out at first. Yet Torny insisted to keep going and wanted to prove it’s power to me. Torny didn’t have that many important battles as of late and I could feel how much he wanted to bring this victory home for me solo. So I kept him in, knowing and telling him I will trust his judgement.
He showed me then that I didn’t need to worry. The Z-Move not only weakened Torny but Hariyama as well and Torny noticed that quicker than I did. A “Flame Wheel” managed to push Hariyama to the edge of the arena where it lost balance and fell off as the attack had knocked it out as well.

Olivia announced Torny to be the winner and the grand trial to be successfully completed!

I tossed Torny a bluk berry, one of his favourites and patted it on the back. “Well done!” He happily gulped it down in one bite.

Hala didn’t have many words left after the quick battle. He congratulated me and handed me the “Island Challenge Amulet”. Wearing this will show everyone that I was officially recognised to take part in the Island Challenge. I shall wear it visibly and with pride when travelling through Alola.

Then he took a Z-Crystal out of his pocked. “This is the Fightinium Z that will allow you to use the Z-Move All-Out Pummelling that you just have witnessed…”

Hala couldn’t finish his sentence as a think fog suddenly appeared. Someone shouted if there’s a fire but the now more cloud like fog didn’t smell of smoke – and still getting thicker.
I didn’t see Hala anymore but could hear him give a surprised shout.
And suddenly the cloud “dropped” to the ground, as the waterspouts became too big to hold the cloud’s shape. For a split second a rainbow appeared and both, me and Hala swore afterwards that we had seen a black Pokémon floating between us, melting down into the puddles below.

The late afternoon sun shining back down on us, trying to evaporate the water. Hala opened his hand again that he closed when he felt something brush against it. Inside was no longer the Fightinium Z but a black rock.
It was Olivia who spoke first asking if everything was alright and then gasping at the rock. “It’s a Z-Ring Ore. I guess the Tapu did acknowledge your power too.”
Only silently I could catch a “but which Tapu was that?”. So she saw it too.

Hala laughed out loud and the (wet) crowed cheered. “It has been a long time since a Tapu had gifted a trainer a Z-Ring Ore.” He wanted to give me a Z-Ring too with the Fightinium Z but the Tapu was quicker! Hala would take it and make me a Z-Power-Ring by tomorrow out of this very Ore the Tapu wanted me to have.

“May I take this with me Hala? I would like to try something I always wanted to do” came Olivia tho. “Miingno, you own a mega stone right? Would you allow me to combine the mega stone into the Z-Power-Ring?”
Hala brightened up hearing this idea “Olivia is the most talented when it comes to making Z-Rings. She will turn this into a unique Ring, that probably will the most perfect one ever to exist.”
I agreed. Olivia may seemed clumsy at times (she did trip quite often when we travelled up and down the trail this afternoon) but her beautiful jewellery did tell me, she had the skill to make this happen.
“I will also require you to give me your Mega Stone” she said. I took the armband off and was about to hand it over when Lucario and Gen jumped out of their PokéBalls! Lucario standing in front of me, growling fiercely, Gen floating behind me, enlarging my shadow to scare whoever dared to step any closer.
“Don’t worry Lucario and Gengar. I will promise to give it back in a few days” Olivia reassured them and scratched Lucario’s chin. He almost melted away in her hands.. I have hardly ever seen him like this!

Hala stepped beside her and nodded at Gen with a smile “You truly have a deep bond with your Pokémon. Truth be told, I don’t even think you need the Island Challenge to strengthen these bonds any more. But I would still love to see you take part in it.” Gen slowly retracted back to her normal shape, leaning on my back now also smiling after hearing that compliment.

I could finally hand the mega stone over to Olivia, still hearing Lucario growl a bit (and feeling Gen grip my arm tightly) as to still tell her to be careful “I will be careful with it” she instantly reassured with a smile.
“You will visit Akala Island next on your Island Challenge. You will find me in Konikoni City where I will start working on the Z-Power-Ring right away in my shop. Once finished, show me your power with it in your next grand trial!”

The crowed applauded and I thanked Olivia and Hala for the battle and the one yet to come.

I’m now back in the Pokémon Center as I am writing this. And only now that I am writing, I remembered the Pokémon again that was between me and Hala. Somehow its memory did slip my mind until now… We did mention it quickly but then forgot about it again? What what that? Will I see it again?
Oh and oh yea, Hala did find the Fightinium Z back in his pocket and gave it to me just when I was about to leave Iki Town. So I now own two Z-Crystals already!

Next stop will be Akala Island! But how should I get there? Hmmm…

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