Wela Fire Festival!

As invited by Olivia, I went up the Wela volcano and celebrated the Wela Fire Festival!

For this annual tradition, many trainers and locals from the Alola region gather on Mount Wela where the current Kahuna will give each and every fire Pokémon her and Wela Volcano’s blessing.

The line was enormous. Me and Torny were up here yesterday already during a quick jogging training and could see the preparations. But I never thought that this many people would gather this next day.
A few dozen people were before Torny and me in line and a lot more behind us already early in the morning, shortly after the sunrise. At first we could barely make out Kahuna Olivia on top of a small elevation, but the line quickly moved. Soon we could see that she placed a crown on top of each fire Pokémon and it would then show one of its fire moves to show its appreciation.

With a “may Wela Volcano protect you” she placed the crown on top of Torny’s head when we were the next ones in line. Like all the Pokémon before him he let out an enormous flamethrower. I don’t think it was actually strengthened by the crown but he wanted to show off after seeing all the previous fire type Pokémon do the same. And show off he clearly did as many people in the line behind me ducked down in surprise by the heatwave from his flamethrower.
“Such a poser” i smirked at Torny and he smirked back at the, knowing full well what he did and that I noticed it.
I thanked her while she took the crown off Torny’s head. We stepped aside to let the next Pokémon and Trainer take our place, but she quickly told me that she will still need a bit more time with the Z-Ore. She however had an idea what might could be done. She’ll tell me tomorrow as this ceremony will take all day and it’s her duty, an honour and a pleasure to do it.

All Kahuna are amazing people indeed. At least the two I met so far.

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