Crystals might be the answer?

Yesterday evening, I met Kahuna Olivia in a Malasada shop where she tried to explain to me what might be up with the Z-Ore and what could be done to turn it into a working Z-Power-Ring.

She told me, she didn’t except this to be this difficult. Normally, the Z-Ore can be used with pretty much any material they find in Alola. But this stone seems to behave differently. Not exactly opposite but close to.
At first she was also worried that I might not be able to use Z-Moves at all due to the other Z-Power-Ring breaking. But my power only split the material of the band and not the Z-Ore and the Z-Crystal. This means that the actual part used for the Z-Moves is compatible, therefore I should be able to use them to the fullest once this Z-Ore could be made into a proper Z-Power-Ring.

She had asked the other three Kahunas for advice yet none of them knew about this ever happening before. Though the Kahuna of Ula’ula Island, Kahuna Nanu, didn’t really want to give too much input. Well, he usually doesn’t anyway, but she had hoped he might knew something as he was Kahuna the longest.

The broken band did show signs of crystallization. Therefore Olivia thinks that maybe a crystal like structure, such as minerals will be the key to using this Z-Ore.
As she’s not able to simply travel around too much to look for material, Olivia suggested that I should take the Z-Ore with me on my travels around Alola and test it on any material I might see as possible.
She took out a few colourful stone scraps that were leftover from another band and asked me, with Z-Ore and a Z-Crystal in my hand to hold it against the stones. I did that and I could feel the Z-Power already interacting with the Z-Ore and the Z-Crystal. The stones close to my hand started cracking quickly and luckily I opened up my hand a I was sure, the table also was about to split in two as it began to vibrate slightly.
This seemed like a possible solution in finding a proper material.

Having confirmed that, Kahuna Olivia challenged me to find this material as a trial. Only once I have a suitable one, she will not only make the Z-Power-Ring but also fight me afterwards in a Grand Trial!
This won’t be easy yet she believed in me.

Olivia further said that I didn’t have to be completely alone with this trial, as I’m new to Alola. She also had contacted the Aether Paradise for their expertise. They have an enormous database and knowledge of Alola and agreed to help too. However they were busy right at this moment with a … project and would very soon get back to me when they have capabilities. Olivia interestingly said that with a smile as if that project was known to her? Until then, I shall search on my own.

Anyways, we parted ways here. I thanked her for all the time she spent on this Z-Ore and would be looking forward to when we meet again for the Grand Trial.

I don’t know right now where to start but I will just keep trying on every rock and stone that looks like it could fit my wrist? Well I’ll see!

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