Firium Z and Waterium Z

Um.. it’s a bit hard to explain how that happened but today I got both, a Firium Z and a Waterium Z!

I was travelling around Route 5 here in Akala Island when suddenly I heard a Pokémon cry out loud. I rushed to where the sound came from and saw a weakened Salazzle defending a group of Salandit that was attacked by a huge Wishiwashi in its school form near one of the lakes here. It was a totem Pokémon, that much was clear.

I don’t know how these two started to fight in the first place but I felt like I had to go between them and clear it up.

After a long time I somehow managed to calm the Wishiwashi down and the totem Pokémon returned to it’s normal, yet still enormous form. The Salazzle and Salandit managed to run away while the Wishiwashi fought against my Greninja and me.

Once back to normal, it did dive down deep into the lake and came back up with a Waterium Z that it tossed to me.
At the same time, another Salazzle, a huge one and definitely a totem Pokémon, appeared behind me, tossing a Firium Z at me.
The totem Salazzle tried to explain with gestures what had happened and that it thanked me for defending his kind.
Apparently they were playing near the lake while one Salandit fell in. In it’s panic it had warmed up the water and the Wishiwashi didn’t like that as it’s very sensitive to temperature changes? At least that’s what I interpreted out of the wild arm swings.
Apparently that was not entirely wrong as the Wiwshiwashi sprayed water all over the Salazzle, making it mad and the fighting started a new.

I managed to calm them down again – at least for now – and they parted their ways…
At the next Pokémon Center I met Office Jenny who I informed what I saw and she only laughed and told me I shouldn’t worry. These two apparently always fight a lot, yet never too serious. But she was glad that I managed to calm them down… For now.

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