It Hached! PICHU!

Just a quick update on the egg I had with me all this time I brought from Johto. It hatched today! You may have seen my tweet earlier.

As hoped by all Professors, Elm, Kukui and Burnet, it was a Pichu Egg! I’ve informed them all and the local Pokémon Center here in the north of Akala Island is currently performing a quick check on it.

Pichu hatched right at the end of a World Coronation Series fight I was challenged to. Yes, even here on Akala Island the challengers suddenly pop up. It’s not the first time this happened.
Luxray was the one who wanted to fight this battle and won it against the opponents Electivire.

It might was the amount of strong electric attacks from both our Pokémon that made it hatch, at least it surely did help to quicken it.
As soon as it hatched, Pichu jumped right into my arms! – And shocked me quiet heavily… Then it fell asleep with a smile on its face.

I cannot say more about it yet but it looks like everything is alright at least.
I’m in the lobby waiting for the checkup to be completed. Professor Burnet would love to take a look at it too. She’s currently at the Aether Paradise as they requested her help with a project while Professor Kukui had to stay on Melemele Island with Lei.
She will inform me, when they are ready with the project (as it apparently involves me as well) and has time to see Pichu.

I was about to head into the Lush Jungle next. On the other end of the jungle bordering Wela Volcano is supposed to be a small cave. In such volcanic caves you can usually find lots of minerals and crystals and maybe I’ll find one there that could work with my Z-Ore.

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