So much happened since the last post that it’s hard to let you all catch up quickly. It’s not that a lot of time passed, just… many things occured XD

So first of all, I did find the cave I was talking about in the previous post. I also found lots of nice stones, minerals and gems, but none were compatible with the Z-Ore. They all cracked when I tested it by holding the Z-Ore and a Z-Crystal near ’em.
The only nice thing I found and packed into my bag were some evolution stones such as a few fire, a thunder and two sun stones. I did not test these against the Z-Ore, because they are too rare and I don’t want them to crack too.

Back out of the cave, it was already late and I didn’t want to head through the jungle again at night, so I camped near the entrance. As the sun set I could hear something or someone approaching.

A young trainer appeared and smiled brightly my way, greeting me with the loveliest “Alola” I’ve ever heard. His name is Hau and he’s actually Kahuna Hala’s grandson! He is also currently on his island challenge but taking a quick break to train in the jungle with his Decidueye. I had never seen one before and I must admit, it looks very cool and I wished I had one myself.

He asked me for a quick friendly battle and I obviously accepted. But I must say, I didn’t put into account that the night would actually be quite benefiting his Decidueye who could blend in with the shadows of the trees and attack almost unnoticeable. Torny and Luxray were taking care of Pichu near the fire so I used Lucario for this fight. Together with our aura we managed to “see” Decidueye clearly in the darkness and dodge it’s attacks relatively easily, although they still were extremely fast. However tat took ’em by surprise it seemed.
Hau then tried to get us with his Z-Move Sinister Arrow Raid but even though it hit, Lucario didn’t take too much damage. The only explanation I have is that Z-Moves, which all are aura based, can somehow be weakened by the aura of the defending Pokémon if its aura is strong.. I don’t know yet, it’s just a theory and I will have to test it one day.
Lucario then managed to land a final blow but I ordered it to stop just before the attack could hit as I didn’t want to cause too much damage so far away from a Pokémon Center.

Hau accepted the defeat and congratulated me. I could see he was close to tears and I tried my best to cheer him back up. I asked about his Z-Move that I had never seen before and he explained to me, that this was a special Z-Move only a Decidueye can use.
He then showed me his Decidium-Z and asked, since I was doing my Island Challenge as well judging by the amulet, where my Z-Ring was.

I explained him the situation and he looked … Um, all sorts of emotions happened in his face. From very excited when I told him about the Tapu Pokémon appearing before me and his grandfather, to disbelieving when I mentioned not even Kahuna Olivia was able to make a Z-Power-Ring to shocked when I showed him the Z-Ore and what happens if I try to look for a suitable material (I tried it with a rock I saw next to the camp fire, which instantly turned to dust).

I could tell, he was torn to both extremes afterwards, telling me on one side he wished I soon will find a material that could work and that I could get my own Z-Power-Ring and fight against him again, on the other side he didn’t want me to become even stronger as he couldn’t even defeat me at this stage. He almost started to cry again… This time, the promise of a nice dinner lifted up his spirits really quickly.

Hau asked if I wanted him to show the way back out of the forest as he knew this place very well. I told him, I’d be camping here and go back tomorrow morning. And promptly he asked, if he could stay too or if he were a bother. Of course I was happy with him to stay!

We chatted till very late and he could tell me a lot about Alola, the people, the Pokémon, the history, but his biggest knowledge seemed to be about all the different places you could get Malasada from and which I should visit while I’m here.
One thing that stayed with me was that he had a few rivals and wished to fight them all again soon. His eyes were filled with tears again but this time tears of joy.

Next morning he was showing me the way back out but on the way his Decidueye suddenly shrieked up! It wanted us to follow and we got deeper and deeper into the jungle.
Even Hau didn’t know where this place was that we ended up at. It was a grass filled tiny meadow and in the middle we saw a Pokémon Egg! And beside it a Lurantis poking it dangerously with its sharp blade like arms.
Hau immediately recognised the Pokémon as the local Totem Pokémon and asked it kindly to step aside but that only shuck the Lurantis up and started to attack us! Hau was too afraid and I took over the fight.
I didn’t want to cause too much damage to the place so I used Greninja who’s water attacks surely wouldn’t destroy the nature too harshly. We managed to defeat Lurantis and calm it down again. Afterwards, me and Hau could pick up the egg and show it to Decidueye. It rubbed it’s head against it and chirped happily! Hau and I didn’t quite know what the meaning of this was until the egg hatched right in front of us and a Rowlet came out!

It looked around, seeing all these different faces, chirped happily at each of us and jumped into my arms?! Hau petted Decidueye and asked if I wanted to keep it as I was the one who rescued it from the Totem Pokémon. I could see he was close to tears again.
I wondered if there wouldn’t be more of its kin around that laid the egg but Hau explained to me, that Rowlet and their type often place eggs in different Pokémon nests and abandoning them, letting other Pokémon raise them up. And it seems this one was supposed to be raised by the Totem Pokémon. Yet as I am stronger and could defeat it, Rowlet must have sensed it and wanted me to be its trainer and mentor.

And so I caught it.

Right after, the now calmed down Lurantis approached us and handed me and Hau a Grassium-Z! Hau declined as he already had one but I took it and thanked Lurantis gratefully for this gift.

Obviously, we did a quick check at the Pokémon Center where I just a few days ago showed them the freshly hatched Pichu. I wonder what they were thinking of me with all these newborn Pokémon? XD

Once back at the Pokémon Center, I got a call from Professor Burnet who invited me over to Aether Paradise. They were ready now to check on Pichu and also had another favour to ask they would explain when I’m there.
In the background, she saw that Hau was with me and recognised him immediately. Hau greeted back with his friendly “Alola” that always puts a smile on everyone’s face, at least definitely mine. Professor Burnet quickly asked if Hau wanted to come too as he might be of help with this matter. At first a bit perplexed but then very happily he accepted!

And so we’re currently on a special boat and about to reach Aether Paradise! Sorry if this looks a bit rushed and with typos, but I wanted to finish this blog post as quickly as possible while all my memories were still fresh!

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