At Aether Paradise and is this really okay that I write about Ultra Beast?

The title of this post may look weird but I did talk about this with Professor Burnet and everyone that works here at the Aether Paradise and of the Aether Foundation, and they insisted, I shall keep writing my blog and write about them.

To recap quickly, me and Hau got invited to Aether Paradise. I thought it was mainly for Professor Burnet to check on my freshly hatched Pichu (and Rowlet now too) but it turned out, Lusamine the head of the Aether Foundation had heard about me and asked for an interview?!

Firstly though I did hand over Pichu and Rowlet to Wicke who is the assistant branch chief and currently running the Aether Paradise while the head Lusamine is on travel.
She’s a very passionate person and lovingly cares about all the Pokémon here at Aether Paradise. And yes there are a LOT of Pokémon here.

In the Aether Paradise Conservation Area, wounded Pokémon are being treated, taking care of and released back into the wild once they’re fully healed. Professor Burnet is their acting professor who is in charge here.
The second function of the Aether Paradise and Foundation however concerns Ultra Beasts and Ultra Wormholes.

I will try to summarise what (again-)branch chief Faba, Lusamine as well as Professor Burnet and Wicke explained to me about them. The whole picture is a bit more complicated tho and I hope I can write it down one day as well.

“Ultra Wormholes connect this world with other worlds. They are being ‘opened’ by Ultra Beasts that often times then emerge from these Ultra Wormholes into our world.
An elite force of the Aether Foundation, consisting of various individuals, called the Ultra Guardians, tracks down these Ultra Beasts, capture them and bring them back to their home world.”

“Historic writing and imagery tell the story of a massive Pokémon called ‘The Radiant One’ to have emerged through a hole in the sky and it brought the light to Alola. We now know that it was an Ultra Beast called Necrozma who travelled here through one of these Ultra Wormholes.
It was thanks to that Ultra Beast, that the people of Alola were even able to use Z-Moves in the first place as this light in the texts refers to the Z-Power that has been grated to this world.”

“Therefore we owe them much and should do our utmost to not only help the Pokémon of Alola but all the creatures, even beyond this world.”

Lusamine also told me about the incident a year ago when Necrozma returned, but I still have to process all these information and sort them separately.

“Probably because of the Z-Power, Ultra Wormholes most often appear here in Alola where the Ultra Beasts are being drawn to them or where they can more easily manifest.
However they also, if rarely, appear at other places around the world and it is being theorised that legendary Pokémon such as Palkia, Dialga or Giratina are actually also Ultra Beasts as they similarly emerge from other, their own worlds.”

Lusamine then asked me, if I wanted to help defend Alola while I’m here. It was Professor Burnet who suggested the offer to Lusamine in the first place. Our chat back at the laboratory convinced her of my helpful nature and thus she recommend me for the job.
Right now, three of the original Ultra Guardians are away from Alola and the rest are not always available either. It was due to an Ultra Wormhole that opened the day when I landed in Alola, that Professor Kukui couldn’t pick me up at the airport as he was summoned to help close it again. He ain’t an Ultra Guardian as such but again, they’re short on staff and need every person possible. Luckily, no Ultra Beast seems to have made it through before it was closed.

I told them that I’m flattered they were asking an outsider to Alola to help them with this very secretive matter. While my goal coming here has not changed, I want to repay everyone here for their hospitality and if that’s a possible way to do that, I shall help as much as I can.

“Alola and Manalo”

Hau who was next to me said that phrase and all in the room nodded quietly. I knew about Alola and I knew Manalo was the name of the League tournament. But I didn’t know it had the meaning of “You and I are living here together”.
By the way, Hau was also asked to become a guardian He already did give a helping hand during the last Manalo Conference (maybe that’s why he remembered the sentence) when an Ultra Beast suddenly attacked. So he knew what would await him and after hearing I would help, he couldn’t decline either as he saw me as one of his rivals now.

There’s still a lot more to unpack here and I will get into that probably tomorrow? I’ll see if I find the time to write it.
As Lusamine had to leave the conversation call, it was Faba and Wicke who showed us the rest of the Aether Paradise, our uniforms as well as how we would capture Ultra Beasts.
But more on that in the next post(s)!

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