Ultra Guardian!

Just a quick follow up to the last post. Hau and I are already back on Akala Island and are now officially Ultra Guardians! If there’s an emergency, the Aether Foundation will be able to call us and we will try to help them.

Hau and I also got to try on our Ultra Guardians Uniform and it’s… something XD
While I am okay with the look I can tell, it was Lusaime’s design idea. I shan’t complain though as it accentuates the physique quite a lot…

Additionally we got a few Beast Balls to carry around with us, the equivalent to a PokéBall but for Ultra Beasts! Just in case there would be no time to get to the headquarters or a base etc.

Speaking of it, while the headquarter of the Ultra Guardians is on Melemele Island, Hau and I will be considered “Travelling Guardians”, just like the ones that are not currently on Alola.
And we would stay “Travelling Guardians” when we will leave Alola, if we want to.
Hau did live away from Alola for a while with his father and I am travelling around a lot on my journeys. Therefore it is to be expected that we, one day, would be away from Alola again.

When I’ll be on Melemele Island next time, I’ll have to check out the headquarters and meet with the rest of the Ultra Guardians. Until then I’ll continue with my journey and my challenges, as does Hau who went back into the jungle to train.

I’ll be heading south on the west side of Akala Island in search of a suitable material for the Z-Power-Ring.
Pichu and Rowlet are both doing fine and are most often playing with Zorua, who, as the oldest “newborn” of the three, seems like he want’s to be their leader. I have nothing to complain about, as long as they will ultimately listen to what I have to say.

Faba from the Aether Foundation did also take a look at the Z-Ore. He had a few ideas what material might work and we did test a few that were on storage at Aether Paradise, but ultimately none worked. He did do an analysis of the Z-Ore and will also keep looking for possible solutions.
Before we left yesterday, he told me quickly that it has a similar structure to a stone one of the Ultra Guardians once brought back from another world where they had to fight an Ultra Beast. Maybe it could it be that this Z-Ore isn’t from our world?

Oh and lastly, my Rotom-Phone did meet the famous Rotom-Dex at Aether Paradise! They exchanged greetings, information and functions and became quite best buddies I think, although my Rotom still sees it mostly as rival (and a just a little bit as mentor still which is great). Ever since then, it insists to float alongside me and doesn’t wanna go back into the pocket, although I can tell that it’s not used to it just yet. Habits are hard to overcome!

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