Pikachu Valley

Today I was at the Pikachu Valley with Pichu! We had a great time and I could tell, Pichu can hardly wait to evolve into a Pikachu!

Pikala, the girl taking care of all the Pikachu in the valley, instantly recognised Pichu as a Johto kind. Despite her appearance, she’s incredibly knowledgeable and caring.
She also gave me Pikachu ears and a tail to wear while I was there, making me look like a Pikachu, which amused my Pichu and Torny massively. Until Torny got the same treatment.

Pichu had a lot of fun with all the Pikachu there and at the end I received a hair style guide from Pikala how I could style Pichu’s hair to match the personality. I could tell she put good care into the fur and hairstyles of all her Pikachu as each and everyone looked healthy and unique.

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