This one might work

It seems like I have found a material that could work as the band for the Z-Power-Ring!

Last night I had a dream. In it, I was wandering up a hill during daytime, somehow following a feeling that on top I could find something. Indeed I saw a black Pokémon singing in a harmonious but deep tune. It was floating over what looked like a seed of some sort.
As I got closer, I could feel the revitalising sound deep in my bones and the seed on the dirty ground started to grow. Within just a couple of seconds, a large tree had emerged from the seed.

The Pokémon turned around, now facing me and nodded in my direction. But as I stepped closer, the Pokémon disappeared into the trunk of the tree, making it glow brightly in various soft colours. It started to bloom, the flowers turned into a few dozen large, glittering blue fruits and as they ripened and fell to the ground, the tree vanished away into nothingness the same instance.

And I woke up.

It was still a few hours before sunrise but I was wide awake in the Pokémon Center in Heahea City. What was that dream? Where was it? I had a feeling I needed to find that place.
It looked like it was here on Akala Island at least, so that would help me narrow it down.
So while the sun started to rise, I searched on maps for a place that looked similar and found out about a trail over the mountain where the Diglett’s Tunnel went through underneath, that looked similar.

I quickly gathered my things and set out.
Indeed, that path looked exactly like in my dreams. I followed it to the top to where I had seen the scene in my dreams. As I got closer I felt suddenly very nervous. What would I find?
Nothing was the answer. The path simply went back down on the other side of the hill.
It was right here at that place. I was certain about it.

I looked around in hopes of finding anything on the ground but noticed that the place was suddenly covered in a thick smoke like cloud! Where did it come from?! I let all my Pokémon out of their PokéBalls, although the smaller ones climbed quickly onto the back of Luxray or jumped into my arms as the cloud slowly rose and was about to cover them completely.

We stood there, perplexed, and in complete silence as I now recall. We dared not move, not knowing what might be hidden in the fog.
I had not noticed that the sky looked overcast when I set out. It was rather dark around us and the cloud below us almost bright? It was indeed shining bright green!

The fog began to move and looked like a flowing river between our feet. It gathered in front of us, climbing upwards into a white pillar before dividing over and over again into smaller branches. The cloud became a tree, the tree I saw in my dreams. Stretching it’s arms over us and shining ever so slightly more.
When all the fog had gathered in the tree, I swear I could hear the singing voice from my dream again. But this time a second, higher voice was there too. They both came from the tree canopy and I thought I occasionally saw a glimpse of two black creatures floating around. Rotom tried to take pictures but the fog was getting too bright to see.
The song reached a crescendo and at the peak, the fog-tree collapsed and rained down onto us, soaking us in the process. We ducked and looked down obviously, now finding the fruits at our feet which I had seen in my dream.

The cloudy sky parted, the warm sun shone down on us and the almost crystal like fruits glittered in its light.
We picked up these fruits, six in total. As I inspected them closer, they were completely crystallised. I had never seen anything like this.

A feeling told me, these fruit crystals might be what could be used as the material for the Z-Power-Ring band. So I took the Z-Ore and a Z-Crystal out of my bag into my hand and held it next to the fruits as I did so countless times before. This time, the material did not break. In fact it shone brightly and reacted to the Z-Ore! I could feel the Z-Power flowing incredibly strong.

I brought these crystals to Kahuna Olivia’s shop in Konikoni City just on the other side of the hill. I had already called her on the way to her shop and she said she was on Melemele Island today, coming back probably tomorrow. I shall give the crystals to her assistants. She was eager to see these crystals for herself, I could tell.

Now I’m in Konikoni City for the time being, unless something else would happen that needed my attention.

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