UB-01 Symbiont

Much has happened again this past week and I will try to quickly summarise it, although it won’t be an easy feat… I hope writing this will calm me down a bit and prepare me for the next mission.

The day after I had brought the crystals to Kahuna Olivia for the Z-Power-Ring, she called and told me that they would be perfect and she will get right to work. Luckily I didn’t have to leave my Mega-Stone with her because I was in dire need of it for what was about to happen.

As soon as I left Olivia’s Shop and wanted to head up the hill again, I got an emergency call from the Aether Foundation. An Ultra Beast had appeared on Ula’ula Island. Since Akala Island is closest, they contacted me first but would send as many of the Ultra Guardians as they could as well.
They transferred over two Pokémon, a Garchomp Ride Pokémon so I could fly to Ula’ula as it was faster than the water way. The second Pokémon is called Type: Null. It’s a special kind of Pokémon… made… to fight Ultra Beasts. I was not happy when they told me about this, back when I visited the Aether Paradise. I could spend some time with three of them while I was there, a fourth was apparently with Lusamine, or rather with her son Gladio as guardian. More are said to be “in production”… While I didn’t like how they phrased all of that, these three Pokémon / Ultra Beast hybrids did behave like any other Pokémon, looked happy and their aura was calm and gentle. I will have to look past that while I am giving back some of the gratitude to the Alolan Pokémon and people.

Firstly I had to find and identify the Ultra Beast. As I’ve never been to Ula’ula before, I didn’t know much about the island. Luckily my Rotom was there to help me and guided me to Malie City, more specifically into the Malie Garden where the sensor’s picked up the signal of the ultra wormhole.
It took over half an hour to get there and when reaching the edge of the garden, I knew immediately that I was already late. People were sitting around in shock or crying about what just had occurred.
Officer Jenny noticed my gear and rushed over to me. She was luckily patrolling near the garden and saw the ultra hole open up herself. It was still dimly visible and almost fully closed. She further told me that half a dozen of these weird Pokémon (Ultra Beasts) with long tentacles came out and started to attack the people around them.
Based on her description, my Rotom could identify then as the UB-01 Symbiont.
Office Jenny continued that one might has escaped into the city as she was sure to have counted six and only five went back through the hole, three of them abducting people…

I informed the Aether Foundation and they ordered me to scout the vicinity and search for the remaining Ultra Beast. They were already on their way to help on premise to open portal back up fully to return the Ultra Beast, as well as going into the hole to rescue the kidnapped people!

I searched in the town for the remaining Ultra Beast and found it just before it was about to attack an older looking man. Together with Type: Null and Zorua I managed to lower its stamina and capture it with one of the specially invented Beast Balls. In the process of that fight, Zorua evolved into Zoroark as this Ultra Beast did behave like nothing I had ever witnessed before. Incredibly aggressive and not caring much about itself or the environment. But maybe, just maybe it was also because it was confused by the different world it found itself in?

Back at the Garden I met with Wicke and Faba. Two more Ultra guardians had arrived as well. They greeted me with a friendly but concerned Alola and introduced themselves to me as Mallow and Kiawe. They had heard a lot about me already and had hoped to meet me under better circumstances.
Both of these guardians had helped to fight these Ultra Beasts before and could tell me a few info, for example that these Ultra Beasts were Rock/Poison types and I should be very careful about their poisonous attacks. I had already seen one of these attacks during the previous fight where the poison splatter acted like acid burning into the ground.

While we were discussing the mission, Faba could open up the portal again fully. As soon as it had grown to its full size, a loud roar could be heard. Mallow and Kiawe both looked at the hole with a glint in their eyes as if they recognised the sound. Out the hole jumped a huge white Pokémon! Immediately they hugged it welcomingly and introduced it to me as Solgaleo. They asked it if it came to help and it seemed to be nodding.

The three of us jumped onto Solgaleo’s back and set out to travel through the ultra wormhole to the other world…
It’s hard for me to explain what I saw there. It truly was another world…
There was no actual sky. Just a dark-ish void. There was no actual planet. Just many floating rock-like formations, some larger some smaller. As these Ultra Beasts living here could fly, they were not concerned about having an actual ground I suppose? Or they evolved that way?

We did luckily find the attackers quickly. Mallow, Kiawe and Solgaleo each fought one while I attacked the other two with Type:Null and Zoroark. One had an abducted person, the other defending it furiously.
The fight was hard and one attack injured Zoroark badly… I immediately could tell that the wound was serious but not how bad yet. I jumped in front of Zoroark do defend it from the onslaught, resulting in a few cracking noises. Some turned out to be my ribs, another came from the Rotom Phone that took the biggest hit, shattering into many pieces and releasing Rotom who instantly shocked the Ultra Beast and me in the process.
That was enough to defeat that Ultra Beast but it also made some of my PokéBalls malfunction. For one, the Ultra Beast Ball I had captured one of them earlier with jumped open, releasing its enraged inhabitant. Also the PokéBall of Zoroark didn’t work and didn’t let me recall it. In fact, no PokéBall worked for a moment except Lucario’s. And now I was glad I had my Mega Stone with me as I could mega evolve Lucario and together at least keep up our ground.

Luckily, another guardian arrived that moment, Hau! He was riding on another white Pokémon / Ultra Beast known as Lunala.
Together with them we finally managed to defeat the Ultra Beasts, rescue the people and bringing them back to Alola on the backs of Solgaleo and Lunala.

Back in Alola, Faba closed the hole quickly so no Ultra Beast would come and follow us right away. Solgaleo and Lunala flew away and opened up their own portal to fly to another world, not even letting us treat them or properly thank them at least.
The rescued people had to be brought to the hospital as all of them suffered from bad poisoning.
Zoroark was brought to Aether Paradise where it got diagnosed not only with a broken leg but with that unknown poison that got into the wound. Professor Burnet managed to at least stop it from spreading further but it’s in critical condition right now. I will update later as I need to get checked again. I told them, a few broken ribs won’t be the end but they insist me to rest…
Still… I need to find something to help Zoroark.

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