Tapu Lele

While trying to recover from the broken ribs, I did some research on what I could do to help Zoroark. He was still in serious condition but it didn’t seem to be getting worse right now at least.
One article that peaked my interest at random was about an exhibition match after the first Manalo Tournament between the champion and Professor Kukui. During the fight, both sides used up their Z-Move and thus were unable to use another one until Tapu Lele had appeared and healed them, allowing both to use a second Z-Move. Again at the end of the match, when both were exhausted on the ground it appeared again, healing the Pokémon and the trainers back up a second time. Could Tapu Lele maybe help my Zoroark as well? There was only one way to find it out.

I travelled back to Akala Island as I was still on Aether Paradise. The person who probably knew where I could find Tapu Lele was Kahuna Olivia, who became the Kahuna due to the will of Tapu Lele.
I found her in her shop and she greeted me with a kind Alola, probably having heard of my situation already. When I told her about my plan to ask Tapu Lele, she was at first against it. Tapu Lele’s personality was a tricky one and hard to understand. It would often times seem almost cruel in its behaviour and the chances of success were very low.
But Olivia saw my determination and agreed, although I would surely need a certain item, otherwise I had no chance against Tapu Lele. My Z-Power-Ring.
It was almost finished. She gave it to me to try it on and saw that it was a slight bit too loose. She would fix that as quickly as possible and add the Mega Stone into the opening for it. I shall already go ahead south and up the mountain path to the Ruins of Life where Tapu Lele resides.

I followed the path described to me and reached a small tunnel. On the other side I found the Ruins of Life and an altar similar to the one I had seen on Melemele Island.
I shouted out my plea as loud as I could with my broken ribs, in hope of Tapu Lele hearing it.

And it did.

It appeared on the battle field that was build in front of the altar, immediately using Psychic Terrain, making it clear that I had to fight for my believes.
Together with Torny I tried my best to keep my ground but Tapu Lele was incredibly strong.
We were almost defeated when Kahuna Olivia appeared out of the cave and threw me the finished Z-Power-Ring. Tapu Lele stopped attacking, waiting for the Z-Move. I didn’t know what went through its head but it seemed that, with the presence of the Kahuna, its behaviour changed and got much gentler?

I heard thunder rolling…
I put on the Z-Power-Ring that now fit perfectly, clicked in the Firium-Z and Torny and I started to strike the poses for the Z-Move.
But nothing happened except of the thunder getting consistently louder.
I could feel the Z-Power in me, ready to be unleashed yet it didn’t want to transfer over to Torny just yet.
The ground rumbled…
I told Torny to keep the pose as I noticed something was coming…
A loud shriek could be heard and a bright lighting bolt hit me.
It didn’t hurt. I only saw white around me and the thunder muted the shouts of Olivia. In front of me appeared another guardian deity. I could clearly see a sharp silhouette of Tapu Koko but against the bright lighting it looked almost completely black. It stretched out its arm towards my Z-Power-Ring. Once it touched it, an electrifying feeling went through me, causing light pain due to the broken ribs but other than that I could now feel the Z-Power flow. The Z-Power-Ring started to glow, brighter than the lighting bolt even, outshining or rather combining and adsorbing it. It was so bright that even Tapu Koko disappeared in its glow.

Olivia told me later in shining colours how I emerged from the lighting bolt seemingly unharmed and full glowing Z-Power. I myself only could see the world around me reappear as I shouted at Torny to get ready for my, no our full strength! The Z-Power then finally broke free of its prison and flowed into Torny, the Z-Move sign appearing in thin air as I had seen it times and times again on other occasions.

Our Inferno Overdrive was massive and I was afraid to have hurt Tapu Lele too much. In fact, it was hit badly and laying there on the ground coiled up in its shell like form.
In the distance I heard a bell ring and Olivia recognised the sound to be from Tapu Bulu. The guardian Pokémon could not be seen but the effect of the Grassy Terrain it was using started to heal up Tapu Lele who was again floating in the sky, out of the shell, bathing in the green glow.
The Grassy Terrain disappeared and the world returned to normal around us.

I again stated my wish to Tapu Lele who afterwards looked to Kahuna Olivia seemingly for confirmation before flying off to Aether Paradise.
I later heard how it somehow had entered the emergency room and used its healing scales on Zoroark, curing it from the poison. It would still take a long time to recover fully and for the broken bones to heal, especially the broken right leg that was fractured multiple times. But the worst was now over.

Once Tapu Lele had flown away, Olivia congratulated me on mastering the Z-Moves. She had seen many Inferno Overdrives but none of them as large as this one. She would be looking forward to our Grand Trial tomorrow.

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