Grand Trial against Kahuna Olivia

Kahuna Olivia and I were back at the Ruins of Life. The prayer had already been spoken and Tapu Lele again appeared quickly, laughing at us before flying off. I did shout a “Thank you” its way, hopefully it had heard it.

We were ready for the Grand Trial.

Kahuna Olivia sent out Lycanroc and Probopass for a double battle. A double battle caught me a bit by surprise but I am not one to step down from a challenge! But right before I was about to send out my two Pokémon, she challenged me again to not rely on mega evolution. “Here on Alola, we shall use the local Z-Moves.” I told her, I was not going to and swiftly summoned my two Pokémon that I wanted to use in the first place and which I couldn’t even use a mega evolution on, Torny and Greninja.

The fight was over rather quickly. After just a few attacks each, I managed to corner both her Pokémon and finish them off with the Waterium-Z-Move Hydro Vortex before she could use her’s.
I was not sure what to make out of this. She said, she was overwhelmed by the power of my attacks and had hoped for a much more interesting battle. Not that it was boring, there was just nothing she could do. She gestured so much that she tripped (again). Luckily I was now pretty much used to it and manage to catch her in time before she hit the ground.
I had rightfully earned myself the Rockium-Z.
She told me then that she was very sad to see me leave but was looking forward to our next meeting and the Manalo Conference where she surely would see me again. As a Kahuna, she would not be able to cheer for me… but she still wanted me to know that she supported me and if I needed help, I should not hesitate to contact her.

Next destination will be Ula’ula Island, this time not just for a quick visit I should hope! But first I will be staying at Aether Paradise for a few days to see how Zoroark is doing and to rest up myself a bit.

Oh and one last thing, my Rotom did get a new Phone to live in! Wicke gave it to me as a thank you present for the help and because it will come in handy in case something similar would happen again. It’s the latest model and bright blue in colour! Both Rotom and I like it very much.

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