Next Steps

I planned our route a little ahead. We’ll travel north through the lately re-opened Marine Tube to Humilau City for a next gym-fight. Then we will go west and back to Opelucid City for a re-match against Drayden. Then we will head north to the Unova-League. The tournament will soon start and we don’t wanna miss it.

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Just wanted to say, that me any my Pokémon-Team are currently making some nice Vacation here in Undella Town and on the Undella Bay. After all the trouble we had with the Defender of the Dawn Yoko and her Zoroark we deserve a little rest. But of course I still will tell ya what exactly was up with her and that ^^
I’ll probably write it down during the vacation ~

Till soon!

Calm Twelve

Despite the fact that I am currently in charge of the Defender of the Dawn Yoko and her Zoroark, it’s really quiet here on Route 12. Not much is happening and there are also not many other trainers to battle with. What exactly it is that I have to do for Yoko and her Pokémon is sadly still a secret until I am done. I promised them not to talk about it but they never said I was not allowed to mention it.

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Village Bridge Tournament

During the last few weeks, my Pokémon and I did take part in Village Bridge in the Village Bridge Tournament, an annually Pokémon Tournament for trainers from all regions! The fights start off the Village Bridge. Half of the participants on the west and the other half on the east side. The more fights you win, the closer to the center of the bridge will the battles be held until the final one will be right in the middle, winner of the east against the winner of the west side. I started at the west side.
The battles were three against three battles, yes, three Pokémon at once! That was quite a surprise and special for me. Normally I do one against one battles, seldom two vs. two. But I never did a three vs. three battle before.

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Battle against Dragons – DRAW

Maybe you followed the fight on my twitter account. Today we had the battle against Drayden, the gym leader of Opelucid City. It was a hard fight. We gave our very best and I am really amazed about the strength of my Pokémon. There’s nothing that went wrong, really. But in the end we had a draw! That’s really rare but it can happen.
How? I’ll tell you. And also what will happen now after the fight..

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A hot Ice-Battle

Who would’ve thought about that? Well of course you always have to be ready for it but that was a little unexpected I think XD
I went into the gym of Icirrus City to get a date for a gym fight in the next few days as I always do. The Leader of the gym himself Brycen was there himself and didn’t want to wait for a battle. He more or less actually challenged me for the fight! Of course I am always ready for a fight and so I accepted and earlier than intended we stood in the gym and battled for the Freeze Badge.

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