Welcome Sib!

Guess who joined our little group? It is the Cubchoo we rescued a few days ago! We came back to the towns Pokémon Center today morning and checked for Cubchoo. It’s fully recovered again and was ready to join us on the journey! But of course it wanted a fair fight against my Pokémon to see if we’re worth enough to let it join our ranks ;D

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Cubchoo feeling better

In the middle of the night we got kindly woken up by Nurse Joy and her Audino. The Cubchoo we brought to the PokémonCenter a few hours ago has been treated and was over the worst. It was still weak and sleeping now but we could go take a look at it. It was sleeping inside some sort of glass-cylinder where they could regulate the temperature to adapt itself to the one of the Pokémon inside it. The Cubchoo was deeply asleep and looked happy. Joy told me that there were no serious injuries but it was probably already laying there on the rock for a day and was weak and overcooled – yes, also an ice Pokémon can get overcooled.
Relieved, Torny and I thanked Nurse Joy and Audino and went back to bed.

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Rescue the Cubchoo!

Today we actually were already in front of the Celestial Tower when a faint cry pricked up our ear. Far in the north of the Tower flows quite a strong river down the near mountains. It was from this direction where we heard the crying steadily getting louder as we got closer. Also could we hear the roar of the water which unruly channelled its way through the stony terrain.

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On Route 7

So yea, we’re actually already on our way again for a few days.

Before we left Mistraltion City we could make a little flight around the whole region. Wowy, Unova is BIG! We so far only saw a small part of that area even though we nearly have all the badges for the league already. I really think I will keep on travelling here a little longer.

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Got the Jet Badge

So yesterday we battled Mistralton City Gym Leader Skyla and won the Jet Badge! She had quite some trouble against the power of my Pokémon but I also noticed, that the gym leader are getting stronger and stronger. The two remaining which we have to fight will surly be really hard to beat and we will need a good preparation to be able to defeat them.

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A tensed up cave

Who would’ve thought about that, I am through the Chargestone Cave and in Mistralton City! You probably wonder why I didn’t tell you anything? The problem was not that my PokéCom or my Camera did not work. They did all the way through the cave. No, the problem was that I simply didn’t have any signal in there! XD The special electricity and magnetic field in the cave makes it nearly impossible or at least verrrrry expensive to build up such a network. That’s why there is only an emergency call possible. But I of course did want to tell you some things when I was in the cave!

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A shocking mountain

We reached the entrance to the Chargestone Cave yesterday. As my PokéCommunicator told me, the way through the cave will take a few days! And as it also told me, that weekend will be really sunny and warm. So I decided that we’ll wait here in front of the cave until Monday when the weather is said to be a bit worse. Inside the cave it won’t matter too much. But getting a bit sun before the darkness will be really pleasant I think ^^

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A Quake in the Gym

For a few days now, I have a strange feeling.. Something BIG is about to change here in this region. I can feel it. So far I am not sure whether it will be good or bad but I feel happy and excited so it probably will be good.

Despite all that, I now had a great fight with the gym leader Clay here in Driftveil City! His earth Pokémon were   tough but no match against my Dewott and my Pansage.

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Easter Weekend

Yesterday we reached Driftveil City. It’s really close to the mountains and reminds me about my home pretty much. Just that here it’s a little more modern. My home Ecruteak City is more traditional ^^
The temperature also is a little lower here and that’s really nice. Soon we’ll be up at the mountains where it should be even colder.

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